Custom Cattle Feeding

At Albers Feedlot we provide a high quality feeding experience at competitive rates. Contact Jeff Albers for details.

Grain Purchasing

At Albers Feedlot we purchase and store corn to use in our daily rations to feed cattle. If you are interested in selling your corn to us please check out our daily corn bid online and contact Blake Albers.

Hay Purchasing

At Albers Feedlot we purchase different types of hay to be used in our daily operations. If you are interested in selling any of your old and new crop hay please contact Todd Schroeder for more details on pricing and delivery.

Cattle Procurement

Our order buying business, Albers Cattle Company, will procure cattle to be fed at Albers Feedlot or elsewhere. We also typically carry an inventory that is for sale for the first 30 days on our feedlot. Contact Todd Schroeder, Jeff Albers, or Chad Podany for details.

Total Risk Management

At Albers Feedlot we feel that risk management holds an important role in cattle feeding, we will gladly assist you in hedging your cattle or feed needs. Contact Blake Albers or Todd Schroeder for details.